2017 Acura CDX Price & Reviews

The 2017 Acura CDX is the latest crossover, produced by Acura, the renowned luxury vehicle Marque of the Japanese car corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. This is a compact sports utility vehicle, which is aimed at the bursting Asian market directly. Honda, which is the parent company of Acura, is even making the crossover in China, at its ZengCheng Plant in the Guangzhou City. Acura is going to unveil its latest crossover at the 2016 Auto Show in Beijing. Although the new model CDX comes with the same size as that of the Honda CR-V, it’s a unique look.

Acura claims that design of the 2017 CDX is stimulated by the company’s highly attractive sedan, the 2017 model Acura Precision Concept. Both the exterior and the interior will be redesigned. Generally, the new vehicle will appear thoroughly excellent with respect to type and additional appearance. Business buzz is suggesting that changes and developments is likely to be made to the functionality, fatigue process and the interior of the new vehicle. The introduction is associated with the tenth year of the existence of Acura in China, creating it a commemorative vehicle.

2017 Acura CDX front


The external styling is same as that of the Acura Precision Concept sedan. Many external aspects in its front fascia, such as the grille and headlamps come with the same angular styling that shows the design cues of the concept sedan. The US edition also comes with the same external design styling. The design is extreme less polarizing than the existing design language of the brand. Not only the 2017 model Acura CDX is said to emerge immense as a huge piece of fine gear, but it is also said the new vehicle is extremely broad in size.

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A facelift has been provided to the front fascia may increase the overall cosmetic search on its front end. It comes equipped with a five-sided grille that features a growing mesh-type insert that originates from the big Acura logo. Down beneath, the face wears three huge opportunities that are rather reminiscent of BMW. It also comes designed with renovated fog lights that aid enhance up the area, which is generally comprised of dark shades.
About the sides, the new CDX comes decorated with hard-creased body lines with huge wheel opening decorations and twofold body lines that work beneath the door grips and just over the door bottoms. Both of those lines hold onto the back, where the angular layout is further exploited. Each corner is oblique, leaving almost no sides or rounded surfaces. A brilliant opera trim works down the roof rails, area screen apertures, and down the rocker sections, as well.

2017 Acura CDX rear

About straight back, it comes designed with large taillights that are similar to those of Toyota RAV4, however they hold their very own distinctive light design. The back fascia comes equipped with a redesigned bumper, wherever extra chrome is found.
The 2017 Acura CDX dimensions are 176.9″ (L) x 72.4″ (W) x 62.9″ (H), indicating so it is likely to be larger than the earlier model.

After the release of the new Acura CDX 2017 this year, the vehicle is expected to offer consumers with a variant of changes and new improvements used from the parent business, Honda. Relating to the market professionals, the major and many evident change to the 2017 CDX may be the exterior. Early reports are recommending that the exterior of the incredibly popular Acura will feature a more hostile cosmetic change at the same time as being more modern in design, type, and look, as well.
Completely, the 2017 model CDX is an acutely stylized crossover that could accomplish pretty well in the Chinese market.

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Although Acura has not even revealed the interior design, it is expected so it may undergo some modest tweaks and some aesthetic changes to prepare it to vie effectively with its only important competition, the Buick Envision. The cabin has been designed to offer a comfortable sitting area for five people. It also includes satisfactory freight space, which can be further improved by folding the seats in the back row. The dashboard inside the cabin also comes with the same angular design. It is also expected that Acura would offer the same interior design as that of the Precision Concept sedan. If it happens, consumers can get their new Acura CDX 2017 with a more conservative dash and middle unit approach, nevertheless equally can come designed with some new engineering integration.

Changes to the inside of the new sports utility vehicle will be ready with a design, providing individuals and owners with lots of recreation, enjoyment and simplicity because of its standard common styling. The infotainment system and the safety process is likely to be associated by a highly skilled security process, and all have been enhanced specially for the new revamp.

2017 Acura CDX front


The new Acura small SUV 2017 will be driven by a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with the displacement of 1.5 liters. This engine will manage to produce the greatest power of 182 ponies and the greatest torque of 177 kilos per foot. The engine will be secured in the front part of the new CDX, and it is attached with an eight-velocity automatic transmission system. The engine also offers the new XDX better acceleration which makes it attain the velocity of 60 mph from the start in 8.5 seconds and assists it to get the maximum velocity of 130 mph.

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In regards to mileage, the new CDX offers the 18 mpg when the vehicle is driven within the city limits and 27 mpg when it is driven on highways. The combined mileage provided by the new vehicle would be 21 mpg.
It is also rumored that the new CDX might come equipped with a V6 engine with the displacement of 3.5 liters to offer better performance, but it is not yet established by the automaker. If the rumor ends up to be true, the new vehicle would get the addition power 290 ponies and the additional torque of 275 kilos per foot. In this case, the 2017 Acura CDX engine will be connected to a six-velocity automatic transmission system.
Irrespective of the engine options, the new model will be provided with the front-wheel drive system as standard and the all-wheel-drive system as an option.

2017 Acura CDX front


The 2017 Acura CDX release date is expected to be on the 16th of July 2016 in China. Regarding pricing, the estimated starting price of the new vehicle will range from 250,000 to 300,000 Yuan ($38,000 to $46,000).