2017 Aston Martin Vantage GT8 Reviews

Aston Martin, the British luxury sports car manufacturer, has been about to introduce a race-centered edition of the 2015 model V8 Vantage for the model year 2017, which will be named as the GT8. This model will follow in the footsteps of the 2016 model Vantage GT12 Special Edition, which is the track-prepared edition of the 2017 model V12 Vantage S. A model that resulted in on the Nurburgring instantly confirmed the rumor and then after some times Aston Martin unveiled the 2017 Aston Martin Vantage GT8.

The 2017 model GT8, which is identical to the GT12 model, confirms that the automaker is prepared to release significantly more track-prepared models in the future. Nevertheless, the 2017 GT8 is likely to be one between the two limited-version coupe’s to be unmasked in 2016, therefore there is an additional fascinating mock-up to foresee from the British company by the end of 2016.

2017 Aston Martin Vantage GT8 front


As anticipated after observing the model in the act on the Nurburgring track, the aggressive body kit is almost identical to the 2016 GT12. Actually though the vented hood is not as menacing as that of the GT12, the bumper in the front is similar to that of the GT12, featuring a broader low grille and a little various two-part splitter.
The differences between the new GT8 and GT12 are more obvious on the sides. While the side skirts of the GT12 bear a close similarity to the ones found on the FIA-spec race car, the extensions are less intense and are short of the huge vents that supply air to the back brakes. On the other give, the wheels are identical to the V-12 roadster and cut off a few pounds from the curb weight of the vehicle. Nevertheless, the GT8’s seven-spoke magnesium wheels are offered as an alternative, whereas the five-spoke alloy wheels is likely to be offered as standard.

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Around rear, the new Aston Martin Vantage GT8 2017 is less hostile than the GT12, as well. The new vehicle comes prepared with a smaller side and its diffuser lacks the perpendicular fins of the V-12 version. While the GT12 is certainly the more race-leaning sports coupe, the new GT8 is fairly menacing to notice in comparison to the earlier V8 Vantage.

Significantly similar to the GT12, the GT8 gets Mobile external shades with arresting accents. Three combinations, such as Stratus Bright combined with Natural highlights, China Grey combined with Blue highlights and Stirling Natural combined with Lime highlights is likely to be provided to the new GT8. The secondary tone underlines the grille, area mirrors, front fender, spoiler, rear wing, and diffuser. The exterior also sports many carbon-fiber pieces such as the decrease fender, grille encompass, rear bumper, area skirts and diffuser.

2017 Aston Martin Vantage GT8 side

Other weight-dipping parts comprise a polycarbonate rear screen and right back area windows, carbon-fiber ceiling, and a titanium exhaust.
The automaker was somewhat brief with the particulars but mentioned that the 2017 model GT8 will feature super-sharp chassis, which is finely updated for the track-centered agility. The new GT8 comes prepared with the improved braking program in the front and at the back. The enhanced grip is achieved, as the wheels, GT8 come surrounded with high-performance Pilot Sports Cup 2 tires from Michelin.
The 2017 model GT8 comes with a lesser curb weight by 220 pounds (10 kg) than its precursor due to the frivolous engine and the application of the lightweight product in its whole construction.

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The next-generation Aston Martin Vantage GT8 is expected in the future with a distinctive interior that conveys collectively components found in the sports-spec Vantage GTE and some of the comfort features generally seen in a street-going Aston Martin. Just similar to the more strong GT12, the steering wheel, dashboard, and seats are covered in Alcantara, whereas the center stack is constructed from carbon fiber and it comes with the leather-finished sides. Bright stitching highlights both the center system and the seats, which offers an arresting distinction for the dark-gray and black surfaces.

The carbon-fiber seats feature physical adjustment, a weight-reduction evaluate, and GT8 writing can be seen on the headrests. The usual home panels have now been transformed with carbon-fiber components with cloth latches. Nevertheless, in spite of using several features, which are more frequent to the sports-spec Vantage GTE, the new GT8 remains authentically road-functional coupe because of an air-conditioning layout, 160-Watt traditional program, and the latest Ami III infotainment system of Aston Martin.

2017 Aston Martin Vantage GT8


The new Vantage GT8 gets its energy and torque V8 engine with the displacement of 4.7 liters, which was used to power the V8 Vantage S. Nevertheless, the powertrain has been well updated to offer the new GT8 the utmost power of 440 ponies, which is 10 ponies more than the engine of the earlier models offered. The powertrain also offers the new vehicle the maximum torque of 361 pounds per base, which is same as that of the previous models.

The new GT8 also gets improved speed that aids it to reach the 60 mph rate from the static style in 4.2 moments, which is faster than the V8 Vantage S model by 0.4 seconds. The new GT8 also attains the maximum velocity of 190 mph.
The engine will be in conjunction with both of the two available forms of transmission systems that include a six-velocity manual transmission and a seven-velocity Sportshift II transmission system that comes built with exercise shifters.

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2017 Aston Martin Vantage GT8 rear


The 2017 Aston Martin Vantage GT8 release date is expected to be the last quarter of 2016. When it comes to pricing for the new Vantage GT8, it will be bought at a starting price of £165,000, which comes to around 233,900 USD. This price is a significant increase in comparison with that of the V8 Vantage S model that comes with the starting price of £55,000 (about $77,970). However, the base price is far significantly less than that of the GT12 model that comes with the preliminary price of £85,000 (around $120,530). However, Aston Martin is going to construct 150 units of the 2017 model GT8, that’ll be more than the GT12 model, but reduced enough reduced for the sports car to be out of stock within a matter of weeks.