2017 BMW i3 94AH Reviews And Release Date

The i3 has been available for us because 2013. It started off being the first electric vehicle by a renowned luxury car brand and rapidly became a modern basic in the automotive world. BMW designed the i3 with their other luxurious EV, the i8 in your mind, but it’s barely recognizable as such. The i3 obtained popularity at the release since of the luxury BMW styling and the extensive technology features. Other brands then started developing and delivering EVs that quickly outshone the 2017 BMW i3 94AH. That’s why BMW now delivered with a new i3 for 2017, with a better battery and a higher electrical range. But, the new battery is not the only upgrade the i3 got. That’s why the i3 is going to be discussed as a whole and the new 2017 specs get unique attention.

Latest 2017 Model BMW I3 94AH Electric Vehicle EV

2017 BMW i3 94AH Exterior design

The i3’s outdoor hasn’t changed much from the outgoing model’s. The notable small, stumped hood and small waist are still present. It’s hard to see how the i3 was inspired by BMW’s i8, since the proportions are all combined up. The front ligament probably appears most like the i8, but then again, every BMW fascia looks like that.

The side of the 2017 BMW i3 94AH is most striking due to the large wheels and funny-shaped rear window. Many EVs sport really small wheels that are at risk of looking out of proportion. The Toyota Prius is a great example of this, the large rear makes the car especially disproportionate to appear at. The i3 is of course much smaller, so the relatively big wheels function really well. We are glad BMW adopted the standard 19 inch wheels again for the 2017 model year. New with this year are optional 20 inch wheels.

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2017 BMW i3 94AH side doors

The rear of the i3 is just as remarkable as the top and factors, specially with a contrasting outdoor colour. The body metal then is in the chosen shade, but the sideskirts, hood, roof and rear are black. Especially on the rear these contrasts are visible. The futuristic-looking taillights, which are sunk into the body metal, really complete the i3’s styling.

This year there is one all-black and five two-tone colors available for the exterior. All but one outdoor shade include an “iBlue” displaying range on the sideskirts. The new 2017 colour is the Protonic Blue metallic color with Icy Grey highlight for the US. Europe gets a bright Solar Lime hue.

2017 BMW i3 94AH Interior design

The interior of the 2017 BMW i3 94AH had some great updates as well. To begin with, there are four various shade combinations to select from, named Atelier, Lodge, Loft and Suite. Suite is new for 2017 and combines black material from recycled materials. The two highest trims now offer Dark Oak Timber or Light Eucalyptus Timber dash inserts.

2017 BMW i3 94AH interior tech specs

Standard sound system in the i3 offers four speakers. Optional is an update to a Harman Kardon HiFi system with twelve speakers and an amplifier. Also standard is automatic air con and a universal garage door opener.

Optional is a 6.5 or 10.2 inch infotainment screen and a 20GB hard disk for music. Also optional are heated and ventilated chairs, water and gentle detectors and a multi-functional steering wheel.

2017 BMW i3 94AH Engine specs

The electric motor comes combined with a 94AH (Ampere hours) battery for 2017. In Europe, the 2016 i3 will still be bought in dealerships too, with a 60AH battery. The new 94AH is a lithium-ion battery and much better than the 60AH. The electric motor is a three period AC synchronous electric motor, great for 170 HP. The car has an all-electric range of 114 miles (183 km).

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A level 2 charger can charge the 2017 BMW i3 94AH battery in 4,5 hours, which is one hour lengthier than the i3 60AH’s battery. The car comes common with DC Fast-charging availability. It takes a fast-charger 40 minutes to recharge a drained i3 94AH battery as much as 80{92dee8e2e1ba40cdd6914c9e75d8ba4a7c6602a30c8463a5b410fca43b6f20ae} again.

2017 BMW i3 94AH tech engine motor battery

What makes the 2017 i3 really special is the optional Range Extender that may be opted. This is a 650 cc two tube gasoline engine that can deliver a maximum output of 38 horsepower. The gas engine does maybe not right power the car’s engine, but powers a generator to charge the electric battery. When the Range Extender is present, it instantly buttons on when the battery percentage falls under a specified number. It then produces enough power to keep the percentage on that level.

2017 BMW i3 94AH Tech specs

The tech area is one that BMW can be pleased of. An amazing range of the most varied computer features, standard or optional. The infotainment system comes including real-time traffic information, flexible cruise control, navigation and BMW Assist (roadside assistance). Also standard are HD Radio, parking assist and keyless entry.

2017 BMW i3 94AH rear battery exterior specs

An optional feature is the Qualified Navigation System, particularly used for EVs. It provides ConnectedDrive, that may calculate the distance to your location and advises the perfect driving mode. When possible, it recalculates to a more effective path and highlights receiving programs along the way. That navigation system is so clever so it can effectively calculate the distance-to-drained. It uses statistics like driving type, activated electrical features, traffic, external temperature and of course charge status.

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BMW’s Home Charger Join comes standard including WiFi and features remotely available receiving services.

Other choices are a rear view camera, Traffic Jam Assistant and Method Get a grip on Warning with Pedestrian Recognition and Autonomous Braking. Active Cruise Get a grip on with Stop & Go and Rate Restrict info are also designed for option.

2017 BMW i3 94AH Price and sale date

In Europe the 2017 BMW i3 94AH is already on sale. Prices start at €34.950 before choices and packages. In the United States the i3 will go on sale that fall, probably in October. Prices is likely to be produced identified closer to the sale time, but we expect a starting price of $35,000.