2017 Chevy Sonic EV Reviews, Engine, Price And Release Date

The first speculations and rumours of the new 2017 Chevy Sonic EV electric car were published some few weeks ago. The auto motor business has witnessed a rapid increase of hybrid and electric cars hit the market more often as a result of more and more makes deciding to try their fate in this segment.

2017 Chevy Sonic EV

The hybrid buzz began with the Toyota auto maker which made the Prius some fifteen years ago, and currently we are now used to viewing super cars powered by hybrid engines, such as the McLaren P1. And more vehicles which are produced by an all-electric makes such as the daring Tesla.

Despite the thrill and enjoyment that has have these cars, the most sought following all-electrics are the subcompact designs such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Spark. The latter will undoubtedly be getting a successor, however, that remains a rumour for now.


External intelligent, the brand new 2017 Chevy Sonic EV will come in both sedan and hatch style. In accordance with the auto maker, this may depend on the success of either which will result in its generation quantity increasing than the other.

2017 Chevy Sonic EV Front

Rumours allege that the auto maker will generate around 1,800 units as compliance cars, in such a case, we should assume Chevrolet to decide on whatever choice they think is likely to be acknowledged with a battery group under its sheetmetal.

2017 Chevy Sonic EV Rear

The design of the new 2017 Chevy Sonic EV will most definitely be modern with lots of touches from the Chevy Ignite and smooth edges. As a matter of fact, the new 2017 Chevy Sonic EV may be as a result of the combination between the Spark and recent Sonic.

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As it pertains to the interior of the brand new 2017 Chevy Sonic EV, consumers must expect a more spacious car in comparison to the previous Spark model this is likely to be linked to the increased dimensions.

2017 Chevy Sonic EV interior

It can come equipped with contemporary hybrid assessments, heated chairs for prime cuts and an optional leather upholstered seats. Some other high tech functions we should assume from the hybrid vehicle include an upgraded infotainment system and a smart phone connection carriers as well.

New protection functions will also be forthcoming that will contain Blind Place Monitoring, Lane Help, numerous top and area air bags, Collision Caution, among others.


The new vehicle will be created under the General Motors new platform referred to as the Gamma platform, called G2SC. This story means that the new 2017 Chevy Sonic EV won’t come as neither the current Ignite nor the current convectional Sonic’s line-up.

The new hybrid car will apply of the lithium ion battery pack that will be crafted by using LG Chen Cells, LG is Chevy’s long haul company lithium ion batteries and will use the best engineering to be able to realise a possible 200 and more miles of all electric range.

There are other formidable figures and every thing has been projected in upwards of 150 miles and is likely to be accepted by Chevy’s fans and all hybrid fans. It is quite a mystery which engine would be used but rumours position to a possible 1.2L four tube or anything near to that.

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Having an approximated 200 miles of an all-electric range, the new 2017 Chevy Sonic EV will be a vehicle value to wait. The fuel ratings have been predicted in upwards of over 100 miles per gallon and it is likely to be attention-grabbing to see how the Chevrolet makes will boost their receiving options.

2017 Chevy Sonic Release date

The price results have not produced because they are planning for a major attack on other all-electric rivals, however, consumers must expect the price to be about 30,000 USD. Despite the stated price tag, the new Chevy may be higher priced than that relying on the trim levels.

The new 2017 Chevy Sonic EV is expected to be a hit if Standard Motors plays its cards right. They will need to shift rapidly than the Tesla model and be creative at the same time. The new 2017 Chevy Sonic EV is expected to move out late next year (2016) or early the following year.