2017 Ford Atlas Review, Price, Engine And Release

One of the more awaited services and products of the year is the 2017 Ford Atlas truck. The pickup vehicle that Ford has been baiting for way too long may ultimately get a release this year. The model has recently made a debut as a concept model back in 2013 and has since then been on a hiatus as we were expecting a production version for a long time to happen.

As it seems now the teasers and the pokes that people have now been getting for all these years haven’t visited waste as the planed model with ultimately appear. With the release date still not in the books officially, we do have enough methods to provide a review and describe what the car is going to be about.

2017 Ford Atlas front view

Soon after their introduction as a concept model the Atlas attracted much interest with the platform it uses and the new and innovative components incorporated in to their design. What was a revolutionary move ahead their part is the lightweight platform which has actually presently made a name for it self but on different vehicles. If you are a fan of Ford than you already know that the already legendary F-150 model has taken a page out of the Atlas’guide and introduced the lightweight body into their concept.

The resulting product is actually a model which is fuel effective, has great performance and specs and is powerful enough like some other vehicle out there. The Atlas is finally planning to put its idea into perspective and it borrows some components from other Ford vehicles to create this happen.

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2017 Ford Atlas rear view


The exterior design for the 2017 Ford Atlas is perhaps relatively predictable. We are getting a mixture of the concept model design and some components taken from the F-150 model. This was something to be expected as the F-150 can in fact be called an extension of the Atlas or actually an Atlas before their true creation level truck. It achieves the design in all levels as it provides together equally power and effectiveness with the lightweight resources that have been introduced in the concept. We have seen how useful they might be on all the contemporary Ford cars so they are still maintaining using their original idea at this time and are bringing it straight back here.

2017 Ford Atlas side view

We are getting a front fascia which adds a rectangular grille which is very breeze resilient and actually controls to obtain some aerodynamic specs to the car. The double-deck front lights are actually a departure from the other Ford models and are a surprising access for this car as it provides something new and unique for this car. The roof is made out of glass and the trailer is equipped with electric outlet of 110 V. The doors have a big chrome mask of them and there are plenty of utility components throughout the car making it that much useful.


The interior of the 2017 Ford Atlas is a bit of a surprise. The newest model mixes up so new and great things and provides us a great setup that people fairly appreciate more than going for something which presently exists. The interior combines black and gray hues and has a driver’s chair which is extremely comfortable with the soft leather wrappings. A big touch-screen display graces the front portion of the cabin while in the back of the front seats you will have the use of a touch-screens that are for the people in the back. This is all aimed at bringing the entertainment individual features to a high level.

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2017 Ford Atlas interior

What has been up-to-date on the inside is a big level of safety. It however comes with the standard setup at base level as it presents us adaptive cruise get a handle on, lane-keeping program and blind-spot monitors. But there are news that say that a lot more equipment is going to be added. This is aimed at some elective protection features that are going to be provided with here and a lot more equipment. But this is all likely to be known following the release date as Ford is maintaining much of it a secret for now.


Some great information which regards the powertrain of the 2017 Ford Atlas is that it is going to have equally powerful engine setup as all of the Ford trucks in the lineup. The Atlas is going to use a 5.0-liter V8 engine that provides us with 360 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. The drivetrain includes with a 6-speed automated gearbox which also permits greater fuel economy which goes well with the lightweight body of the car. This engine also has great speed specs as it is able to attain 0-60 mph in 8.7 seconds, which is great for a truck. There’s been word or more engine options but none except this one has been established, that’ll produce this one the base and we will have if there are going to be some elective ones.

2017 Ford Atlas engine


The release date for this extended awaited car is still far away, so we must endure a bit moreso we ultimately get the 2017 Ford Atlas. The production version is a model that we have all wanted to see and use so it is going to be launched between mid-2017 and the later portion of the year. The starting price is also relatively of a surprise as it looks that people will get the car at $21,000. The Main opposition is seen such cars as latest Toyota Tacoma and Dodge Ram1500

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