2017 Nissan Patrol Photos, Reviews, Release And Price

Supporters have already been thrilled about a new release of the 2017 Nissan Patrol car but the ones in the US might not arrive at share the wealth. The Patrol model was probably one of the coolest models that has not yet been included in the US market and individuals were thinking that the picture wants to alter and this car gets to be produced here. The latest news brought a Nissan Patrol Nismo edition accessible but the story remains the same as after the release date you will have the ability to see the car only in its respective American and Australian markets with the North America left on the hiatus however again.

The 2017 Nissan Patrol required some included strength and that is why the Nismo edition was anything that people demanded. The Patrol Nismo has already been exhibited in the Middle East and was observed at the auto show in Dubai wherever it has been revealed to the public as exactly what it represents, and that is a beefed up Nissan Patrol model. This latest Nissan Patrol model will perhaps not be driven by a supercar engine as you might expect it to be but gives us enough energy for the stuff it has been designed for doing.

2017 Nissan Patrol rear view

Currently, the 2017 Nissan Patrol model is available in the European and Asian markets and can remain so for the time being while the 2017 Nissan Patrol Nismo is exclusively provided in the Untied Arab Emirates for the time being. For now the Japanese item doesn’t make a lot of sense for them released in America, however it would be cool to do so. Maybe some later models get to be feted here but for the time being we can just read the review about any of it and view the car from a distance or type its pictures.

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The latest 2017 Nissan Patrol looks as pretty common for the SUV segment. It doesn’t change as much as you might think it would but it will mange to take in to some new things and some included looks and functions which are new for it. The font conclusion sees a supplement of the bumper which is fairly similar to the one observed on the 370Z Nismo’s. There is a substantial air absorption which is as wide as the grille is and comes with straight gills towards the edges. There are some horizontal LED day working lights added as well and the splitter receives some red features which makes the appearance a lot sportier.

2017 Nissan Patrol exterior

The rear conclusion sees the standard attire included with the small air intakes included towards the end of the fenders. The rear conclusion also sees the added red features, a diffuser-like factor, a twin-exhaust tube configuration and a black-painted roof spoiler.

The Nismo edition looks pretty much the same as the standard model does and contains pretty much the same kinds of elements that you see here with a few of the added Nismo functions that you would quickly recognize on the street. Various other improvements include the red-painted grilles for the front fenders, dark part mirrors with red stripes, dark home grips, a set of 22-inch Rays combination wheels  and lower suspension for a more hostile appearance.


There are a few interior enhancements for the 2017 Nissan Patriot model. In fact the car is going to be updated with a new interior layout but it seems that we do get just one interior color choice. The  two-tone, black-and-white leather observed on the seating and the door panels is an optional decision for the vehicle’s inside. There is a white leather “frame” for the center stack added as well which moves with the mixture quite nicely. The monochromatic layout is complemented with dark wood inserts  which are seen on the dashboard, middle console and the door panels as well.

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2017 Nissan Patrol interior

The steering wheel is a common business seeking one like in the previous Patrol models. But the Nismo version is going to change by getting a 12-o’clock red stripe and the red stitching, which are going to be the main difference with the standard edition of the car. The other difference for the Nismo Patrol model is a Nismo-specific system with a red rev counter placed in the instrument bunch and there are going to be some two-toned seats as they come with red stitching and features in the form of side piping.


The latest 2017 Nissan Patrol is going ahead having its common engine as before. The 5.6-liter V-8 engine is the same system observed in the US QX80 model. The same engine is going to be included for the Nissan Patrol Nismo and is perhaps a disappointment as most fans were looking to see an upgrade in the drivetrain. The difference now is that this engine is going to be built by Takumi which is further likely to enlace the power as it adds 28 hp to result in 428 horses as total and another 413 pound-feet of torque. The Nismo edition can then add Bilstein surprise absorbers, sport-tuned energy steering and customized body reinforcements which will update the handling and the shifting ability of the car.

2017 Nissan Patrol engine


As we mentioned the latest 2017 Nissan Patrol is not likely to be accessible in the US as well as for the Nismo edition also. The standard model is going to be produced in the Japanese markets this year while the release date for the European and Australian markets is set for the start of next year. The 2017 Nissan Patrol Nismo starts is run just in the UAE and will undoubtedly be provided exclusively for the reason that country first. The price tag is about $50,500.

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