2017 Volkswagen Up Exterior And Interior Design

The 2017 Volkswagen Up is the newest entry in the segment of small cars, unveiled at the 2016 Auto Show held in Geneva. The model sports a redesigned body panels with new color possibilities, new wheels, a revamped interior, a new engine and a new slew of customization options. Basically, the German auto manufacturer changed every thing in the 2017 model Up, except the chassis.

The new Up can be a more performance-oriented vehicle as its new engine will generate more energy and torque than actually produced in the Up lineup. Volkswagen claims that the new Up can offer equivalent performance as that of the original Volkswagen Golf GTI. Volkswagen hopes that the updates could help increase revenue, helping the company on their aim of becoming the largest automaker in the world.

2017 Volkswagen Up front


The new Volkswagen Up seems exceedingly modern using its new external design, specially out back. The back screen glass moves beautifully down onto the hatch, offering the blacked out panel an eye-catching look and, even the badges are attached to the window glass.
The front fascia of the new Up comes equipped with a new bumper, carrying an innovative design that functions added dark trim components, with a kind of Cheshire pet appearance. The large VW badge separates the two LED-covered headlamps, tying the whole look together.

As before, the wheels are positioned near every part, offering the new Up a rather athletic look. The tall conservatory holds a massive windshield and major side glass, making the external awareness impressive. Sharp lines spotlight each body panel, with pleats on the fender wells, along the hood, around the beltline, on the lower portion of the doors, and along the back bumper.
Overall, the external look looks more upscale and their new look makes the vehicle feel more precious than many cars in that sub-compact category.

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2017 Volkswagen Up rear


The 2017 Up comes with drastic interior changes, but the outgoing inside design is still present under the differences. The most obvious change is the new dashboard panel that is included with orange decorations to liven the otherwise gloomy cabin. The yellow color continues onto upper door panels and the seats. However, that color dash comes as an optional feature, among other provided colors, too.
The cabin that comes equipped with a new measure bunch and controls welcome the driver, with a reworked center bunch, holding the radio and HVAC controls.

A fresh decrease unit comes with a single cup case, a petite ledge, and the gear shifter. Two additional cup members live inside the door panels. A conventional parking brake is positioned between the seats, totally removing any trust for a middle storage compartment. On the other give, as the new 2017 Volkswagen Up is a little sedan with small additional inside size, the room between the seats is extremely limited.

The automaker is taking Smartphone incorporation to the next stage with the 2017 Up. Instead of having a costly infotainment screen, a discretionary phone install holds the passenger’s or driver’s Smartphone. With a unique VW app downloaded and operating, the phone turns into the infotainment system with direction-finding, Wireless connectivity, and on-board computer functions.

2017 Volkswagen Up interior

For music fans, the new Up comes equipped with the premium BeatsAudio sound system, a mobile noise compartment, generating the maximum power of 300 watts into the small cabin. The cabin also comes equipped with the Pure Air Climatronic system of Volkswagen. The HVAC process exploits a biogenic filtration to remain the cabin free of exterior air pollutants, such as pollen and allergens.

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The 2017 Vw compact car comes equipped with a new three-cylinder, 1.0-liter volume TSI inline engine. The turbocharged powertrain functions primary gas procedure, aiding it to generate the utmost energy and torque of 89 ponies and 118 pounds per base respectively. The 2017 VW Up engine accelerates to a velocity of 62 mph from the start in 10 seconds, whereas their maximum velocity is 115 mph. The entire power is sent to the front wheels through a six-velocity manual transmission.
The new Up eats 4.4 liters of fuel per 100 km, offering the combined mileage of 53.4 mpg. With a full gas container, the new Up covers the maximum distance of 800 km (500 miles).

2017 Volkswagen Up rear


The 2017 Volkswagen Up release date is estimated to be late 2016. The new Up will undoubtedly be offered at an estimated starting price of about $20,000.