2018 Audi Q3 Redeign & Changes

Audi has revealed the new generation of the Q5 at the last Paris Auto show. As it was expected the new model is lighter, better, more powerful and better equipped. The similar history was with the flagship Q7 which got new for the 2017 model year. The entry-level Q3 model is next in the line for the redesign. So, it’s maybe not strange that model version of this model was noticed recently. It appears to be in the early stage of testing and being heavily camouflaged it is clear that model is undergoing significant changes. For the reason that context, this model will come as the all-new 2018 Audi Q3.


The new 2018 Q3 is entering to its second generation and significant upgrades are expected. It debuted in 2011 and experienced the mid-life facelift in 2014. Today it will follow the same redesign strategy as its larger relatives. So, the new platform, increased makeup, up-to-date style and interiors as well as powertrains and technology are on the way.

2018 Audi Q3


It’s not a news, that 2018 Audi Q3 will experience on the MQB platform. This Volkswagen based platform should provide significant development in integrated rigidity and will certainly reduce model’s weight. More metal should also be used and we will have just how much light would this model be. As the result of these better gas performance, performance and protection results will come.

On the other give, solid padding on the prototype model doesn’t show details about the styling changes. Nevertheless, we should expect the same design strategy as on the new Q7 and Q5 models. So, the new Q3 should get the latest, clearer version of the single-frame grille and new LED lighting. Attractive belt point, hood and fenders will increase visual impact while the rear end may keep on with minor changes.

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But, what might also be crucial, is that the prototype model looks slightly larger. In the current kind, it has 172.7 inches in total and 72 inches in width. Additional inches would improve rear seat legroom and would also leave more space for the new more compact Q2 model.

As for the interior, it will likely follow with the same design language as the new Q5 model. High-grade components, well-arranged controls, extended list of standard features are out of the question. Expanded rear leg space will also improve the comfort of passengers and upgraded protection functions will make the drive safer.

2018 Audi Q3


When it comes to the performance, the engine options shouldn’t come as the surprise. The question remains about power, torque and gas performance scores but engine options should copy these accessible on the new version of the VW Tiguan.

The range of engines will include turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel units with a line of different components depending on the market. Audi might also release 2018 Audi Q3 e-tron version.

The front wheel get and all-wheel get will soon be available. Increased structural rigidity and paid down fat will also provide better balance and performance as well as more fuel-efficient ride.

2018 Audi Q3


The new 2018 Audi Q3 will follow after the arrival of the Q5 model. It will come often in late 2017 or early 2018. The price, on the other give, should keep shut to the current range despite the significant upgrades.

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