2018 BMW Z5 Interior And Specs

Everybody else expected BMW to perform on a new Z4 model, when information hit that these were teaming up with Toyota. No more than a year later it appeared that wasn’t the case, BMW is working on a whole new model called the BMW Z5 2018. It has recently been spied driving in cold climate, covered up in the spirally black-and-white camouflage stickers of course. This sighting ended a period of almost two years of speculating about what was next for BMW.

2018 BMW Z5

BMW has perhaps not made clear whenever we can get the BMW Z5 2018 release, we estimate it will be in the end of 2017 or the start of 2018.

2018 BMW Z5 Exterior design

Even though the BMW Z5 2018 has only been seen driving camouflaged up till today, we can get a pretty good idea of what the exterior is going to appear like.

First of all, a clear difference is the soft top ceiling instead of the folding metal ceiling that the BMW Z4 sports. Over all, in addition, it looks a little longer and wider.

BMW Z5 2018 front side camouflaged

Very apparent on the spy shots is the size of the BMW dual help grille. The taped off place at the least looks a lot larger than the grille on the Z4. The BMW Z5 2018 also seems to have a lower driving place and a longer nose.

The back of the car has been recorded off properly and does not present many clues as to what it will look like. The production taillights have not yet been seen and the bumper is hardly distinguishable. What we do see is how similar the trunk lid is to the Z4’s and that the license plate room moves a bit more upwards.

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2018 BMW Z5 Interior design

The interior design is actually absolutely as yet not known at the moment of writing. Of course, you can expect the basic functions every just released car sports. Things such as an infotainment touch monitor and a fine noise system. Higher cuts might even have the option of a more premium audio system, probably in cooperation with well-known audio manufacturers such as Bose or Harman Kardon. The steering wheel is probably planning to be a sporty type and you might assume some race car pedals.

Leather seating is going to be at the least elective, since BMW is a car brand that wants to provide more lavish alternatives too.

BMW Z5 2018 interior expectation

The BMW Z5 2018 will be a convertible vehicle that can carry one individual besides the driver. That is why we expect the driver and individual chairs to be specially comfortable. Heated seats are at least readily available for choice.

2018 BMW Z5 Engine specs

Because BMW is a European car manufacturer, we are sure they will offer manual transmission. Taking the Z4’s engine into account, we assume the BMW Z5 2018 to feature a turbocharged four cylinder engine. Higher cuts can probably feature that same engine with higher performance. The most premium of trims can count on a 3.0 liter six cylinder engine.

BMW Z5 2018 rear side camouflaged

We privately hope BMW decides to make the most of their cooperation with Toyota and create a whole new engine. This may really pull the public sooner, since a car that seems fast and elegant also needs a terrific engine to match it.

2018 BMW Z5 Tech specs

With the tech requirements it is the same story as with the interior. We all know just our own speculations. Nevertheless, there is a great line of certain scientific functions that find their way into many just introduced cars. This is possibly in the standard trim, or in premium packages on higher cuts of the model.

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BMW Z5 2018 side camouflaged

The BMW Z5 2018 is going to feature a touchscreen display on the centre system, which certainly needs an operating infotainment system. We imagine it will also feature an in-software navigation system. Certainly, there is the standard round of safety functions we are sure BMW won’t keep out. Think of rear view camera with parking assist, Street Departure Caution, Pedestrian Detection with Automatic Braking System. Also, Adaptive Cruise Get a handle on and Road Indication Assist are present.

2018 BMW Z5 Price, reveal and sale date

Prices are unfortunately not made known yet. We assume the BMW Z5 2018 to lightly top the price of the current Z4, since it’s planning to be its substitute. Purchase date will probably be in late 2017 or early 2018. The car will be exposed at the end of 2016 at one of the European auto shows.

We guide bookmarking this site to remain updated with the latest information about the Z5. We shall upgrade that page as soon as we find out new details and specs.