2018 Tesla Model Y News, Design, Price, Release Date

It’s perhaps not information that rising popularity of crossovers and SUVs has threatened the sales of passenger cars. Actually, if you want some data, the sales of SUVs and pickups has jumped for around two percent while sedans have experienced the decrease of around 12 percent. Therefore, it’s perhaps not sudden that brands are focusing on giving more crossovers and SUVs within their lineup. Tesla Motors also has related ideas, as per some reports. This company seems to be specialized in expanding their SUV lineup and new model might be 2018 Tesla Model Y.

What this brand wants to achieve is to offer cheaper and compact SUV which will attract a wider population of buyers than greater and more expensive Model X. The Model Ymca must come soon after the Model 3 sedan on which platform it could be based. Factual statements about this model are scarce however, many assumptions have been made.
2018 Tesla Model Y


Therefore, nothing has formally been said about design and performance of the new Tesla’s compact SUV. Some reports, but, suggest that this model will trip on the third era platform. It is the same architecture that may also be the base of the upcoming Model 3. In the same context, two models should share the technology and powertrains.

The styling, on the other hand, must normally adopt the brand’s current design language and many similarities with Model X ought to be seen. Of course, the new Ymca SUV may have smaller ratios than the Model X but the similar design of the grille, headlights, roofline, taillights and more are expected.

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The same story is with model’s interior. A large touchscreen will dominate on the dash. Digital instrument panel will stay in-front of the steering wheel and model will have comfortable seats.

On the other hand, it’ll offer cheaper products in decrease cuts in order to keep the price in control. There may also be less knee and headroom than on the larger X model. The model must provide good trunk capacity.

The 2018 Tesla Model Y will even include related technology as the recent Tesla’s products and services including Automation driving. It is also possible that this model will feature attractive “Falcon Wings” home design.

2018 Tesla Model Y


On the performance front, the 2018 Tesla Model Y will adopt the same electric technology as its siblings. Of course, in meantime Tesla provides next level of performance and driving range. There may also be different powertrain options with various mileage.

The Model X presently uses 75 and 90 kWh batteries and with this, it’s estimated range of 237 and 257 miles respectively. Even with one of these options, the Model Ymca could be able to protect more miles thanks to their smaller ratios and therefore paid off weight.

2018 Tesla Model Y


The Tesla Motors must turn out with increased information about this model soon. Then we may have more information about 2018 Tesla Model Y. However, currently we could also tell that this compact SUV will arrive soon after the launch of the Model 3. It will also have the starting price just above the new sedan model which will become from around $35, 000.

  2018 Tesla Model Y News, Design, Exterior, Interior, Specs and Price

On the end, we wish also to state that Tesla Motors is also preparing to supply more electric models by the end of this decade. It will also grow their lineup with a new pickup truck and electric minibus.