2018 Toyota 4Runner Engine, Interior, Price and Exterior

Trends are changing rapidly in the automotive industry. Not too sometime ago, the SUVs with truck-based underpinning and off-road ready electronics were the very common segment. But the lack of comfortable drive and not too great fuel economy probably affected their popularity and several buyers made toward unibody-based SUVs that may offer nearly car-like drive quality and features. That truth possibly left only a few standard SUVs on the market. One of them is Toyota 4Runner and its best competitor the Jeep Great Cherokee. There is also Lexus’model of the 4Runner, the GX460. But despite being the rugged truck-based equipment, the 4Runner still controls to be good-seller. That is the reason Toyota needs to buy this model and it will offer the 2018 Toyota 4Runner as the all-new model.

NEW FOR 2018:

The 2018 model of the 4Runer is currently just the matter of speculations as Toyota hasn’t made the official announcement. As per speculations, the 2018 4Runner should bring more refinement to its on-road drive and increased gasoline economy as the priorities. But, there must be some aesthetic and interior changes as well.

2018 Toyota 4Runner


The 4Runner is the correct off-roader with excellent functions, ready to attack all kind of terrains and used up with Toyota’s reliability. The model was renovated for the last time in 2010 and also a few changes were for the 2013 model year. Toyota also added TRD Seasoned version for the 2015 model year and there have been step-by-step upgrades of tech characteristics over the years.

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As for the new 2018 Toyota 4Runner, it should bring some updates but it would appear that Toyota could be careful with them. There are strong indications, that model will remain centered on the body-on-frame structure but will take some enhancements that will include more refinement to its ride.

On the other hand, the model may also add some changes to its appearance but reports don’t recommend radical cuts. The new 4Runner may preserve much of its aesthetic toughness but may also add some degree of modernization. Improved aerodynamics, reworked grille and illumination clusters will undoubtedly be in the list of changes alongside with new cut details and color options.


Interior design will stay focused toward the practicality and durability. But, it may also bring development in materials quality and comfort. The model may again seat the five guests in its typical version but may also offer a seven-seat arrangement.


Toyota may also present upgraded infotainment system and safety features. There may be the latest Entune software with smartphone integration. It will also include a navigation program, HD and satellite radio, solid audio system, voice controls, etc. The model may also present comfort-oriented characteristics like leather upholstery, hot seats, energy operates, intelligent climate control, and therefore on. It may also upgrade the safety rig.

2018 Toyota 4Runner


The new 2018 Toyota 4Runner is expected to improve the ride quality and fuel economy but it should perhaps not come at price of the off-road capability. Specifically, the upcoming 4Runner should replace the current 4.0-liter V-6 engine with the smaller displacement. As the new engine is suggested a 3.5-liter V-6 unit. It ought to be capable of delivering around 300 hp and 290 pound-feet of torque. But, it is also possible that the old engine will remain as the option.

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The new engine option should also include new transmission unit that will also help to improve the fuel economy. There will also be rear- and four-wheel drive options. The new 4Runner will also be accessible low-range gearing, rear locking differential, examine control, switchable terrain processes, replaced suspension in the higher trims, etc.

2018 Toyota 4Runner


As we said early in the day, Toyota hasn’t made the official statement about the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. Therefore, we may have more reliable information soon but before that, we’ve to depend on the other sources. Relating for them, this model will can be found in late 2017 and price range will start from about $34, 000.