Honda Element and Scion xB will not be released anytime soon

Scion xB and Honda Element are box-shaped models designed to interest younger buyers. Both vehicles reached their restricts and removed out of production. Similar models include the Kia Soul and Nissan Cube but the latter was also discontinued. Honda Element left the production lines after the 2011 model year while the xB reached the 2016 model year when Toyota reported its discontinuation early that year.

Nevertheless, because their discontinuation, both models have been rumored to be replaced with the new versions. But according to the latest reports, these models don’t have perception at least maybe not in their familiar form.

Honda Element


Honda launched distinctly designed Element in 2003 targeting the younger buyers. The model surfaced at time when the compact SUV industry was relatively new and with small competition Honda achieved its goal. The 2003 model year was the most effective with this model. Nevertheless, competitor brands recognized Element’s accomplishment and models like the Kia Soul, Nissan Cube, Ford Flex and Scion xB joined the game quickly. With related quality but more affordable price these models took the large piece of Element’s market. After that Honda made the decision never to update this model and it had only minor styling and physical revisions during the 8-year life cycle. With strong rivalry from its secure mate the CRV and stated factors the sales continued to reduce reaching only 14, 000 distributed vehicles in 2009. As the effect, Honda ended the production of this model in April 2011.

As for the successor of this model, the latest reports claim that rumors about the new Honda Element won’t become reality as the contemporary industry demands ultramodern styling and top-notch engineering which don’t fit with Element’s concept.

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Scion xB


Scion, Toyota’s youth-oriented manufacturer, launched the xB in 2003. This model was brand’s many popular vehicle stateside until 2011 when the tC suppressed its sales.  The best year for the xB was in 2006 when this model went in more than 60, 000 units. Nevertheless, after the introduction of the second-generation version in 2007 the sales started decreasing. In the final 2016 model year, this model was distributed in just 2, 667 units. In the beginning of 2016, Toyota, nevertheless, reported model’s discontinuation.

The same destiny, nevertheless, was reserved for the entire Scion brand. In February 2016, Toyota said the 2016 model year will be the final year for that brand. The models iA and iM will undoubtedly be re-badged as Yaris iA and Corolla iM. On the other give, the FR-S model returned as the Toyota 86.

As for the new xB model, Toyota currently replaced it by the second-generation of more conventional hatchback model Toyota Auris for the 2016 model year. So, the xB won’t also see the similarly created successor in any time soon.

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