2017 TOYOTA FORTUNER Price, Reviews


The Fortuner is not a new SUV. It’s been launched in Australia straight back in 2015 when it is becoming quite appreciated over time. Over some of its rivals, the Fortuner gets a really unique design scheme, a better than average interior and highly successful engines. Not too sometime ago the car also built their debut in India where it will be sold as the 2017 Toyota Fortuner. There are some small changes over the Australian edition but the SUV is very related for the two markets. Let us have more in detail using what makes the Fortuner and why is it better than most of its rivals out there.

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First of all, the same as most of its rivals, it uses a ladder-frame chassis, the same one used in the latest Hilux. On the truck the chassis did not impress anybody mostly because it felt mild and not too controllable. The Fortuner on the other hand thinks nothing can beat it. Thanks to the extra fat added by their larger body, it feels a lot more like a premium crossover. It has been reached with the help of the massively powerful chassis which increases the NVH degrees quite a bit.

The suspension is also brand new over the Hilux and it gets better bumps and somewhat smoother rises for an improved ride. All of these produce for a good overall package which is right up there with the best in their class. The 2017 Toyota Fortuner can be available for purchase in India fleetingly at the equivalent of around $38,000. This is pretty much correct in accordance with most of its rivals.

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Source: toyota.com.au


Well, the short answer could be that not all that much. The 2017 Fortuner and the one launched back in 2015 are identical. The SUV features Toyota’s new grille and headlights design which does provide it an edge. The B, C and N pillars are hidden and the roof ends with a small roof spoiler for a sportier look as well. On top of that, it has nothing in keeping with the older model which was a bit also bland. The new one controls to entice their customers and offer a really premium feel to it.

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Although it is based on a truck, the Fortuner is a premium product. Because of that, it comes with a lot of features as standard. Points like the seven airbags, the ABS and TCS system, a trailer sway control and also mountain aid, a reverse camera and a smart key are all offered on the most simple version. The design has been improved tremendously as well. While the quality can not be compared with a true luxury car, the features and match and finish of the interior make it look like a more expensive SUV than it really is.

Source: toyota.com.au


The Indian edition of the 2017 Toyota Fortuner is going to hit the market with both petrol and diesel engines. The base model is a naturally aspirated 2.7 liter inline 4 which offers 166 horsepower and 245 Nm of torque. It has established their reliability over time but it doesn’t actually master anything. The one to obtain might be the new generation 2.8 liter turbocharged diesel.

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This debuted in the Hilux a while before and it makes 177 horsepower and between 400 and 450 Nm of torque, depending on the transmission. This can often be a six speed manual or a six speed automatic. No matter the choice, the fuel consumption will be roughly the same. But, the automatic can provide somewhat more torque with the diesel thanks to their strength. Like before, an elective four wheel drive system will be available across the range.

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